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Karimah Cornelius-Stith, M.A., LCPC-S

Licensed Therapist

Approved Clinical  Supervisor

Helping others is my passion. I have been fortunate to do what I love everyday. Assisting others overcome the hurdles and obstacles in their life to achieve their goals is extremely fulfilling. With more than 10 years of experience, I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families to be their best selves. Life has its own challenges whether it is relational, professional, physical, or psychological. I also am AASECT Certified and have 3 years working as a sex therapist. There is strength in recognizing and seeking out help. I became interested in the field of psychology as a teenager when a family member was diagnosed with depression. I soon learned about the challenges in treatment.

Life has its own problems.  Finding quality care should not be one. This is a non-judgmental environment.  My approach to therapy is supportive, interactive, and educational. Therapy is a special relationship so clients should never feel alone on their journey. It is through this supportive style they often feel more empowered. Therapy should always be specialized, therefore, free expression and interaction is highly encouraged. The necessary interaction is reflected in the unique guide or plan to meet the needs of each client.  Lastly, providing clients with reliable and useful  information is power. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you.


Beverly Rouse, LCPC

Licensed Therapist


Beverly Rouse, LCPC, is a certified Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Life Coach.  Her goals in therapy are to empower individuals, adolescents, families and couples in navigating the challenges presented by life.  Specifically, she provides a healing and trusting environment to ensure the stability of the individual and the family while providing the necessary assist to reach their counseling goals.  Ms. Rouse is a former US Army LTC (retired 2013) with an extensive knowledge of military ethos and understands the environment of Military Service members and their families.  Her focus during the course of her counseling studies was marriage and family therapy and sexual trauma.

Ms. Rouse is a leader who is constantly learning.  She is passionate about utilizing the breadth of her experiences in helping others repair and heal from brokenness and become empowered to achieve their life goals.  She has a unique ability to build relationships and help individuals with life transitions.

Ms. Rouse has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1984, a Master of Science Degree in Public Administration from Central Michigan University in 1996, and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Liberty University in 2013.


Sonia M. Salmon-Gayle, M.S., LCPC

Sonia M. Salmon-Gayle, M.S., LCPC

Sonia is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), health advocate, strategist, and a doctoral candidate in health psychology. In addition, she is a health coordinator for the developmentally disabled population.

As a trained counselor, she incorporates the spiritual beliefs of her clients in the therapeutic process. She also brings awareness to lung cancer as the president and co-founder of Cinderella Cares, a 501 c 3 organization. As a lung cancer advocate, Sonia partners with others in the lung cancer community to advocate for increased funding geared to research, patient support, and better government policy to help guide the conversation of the importance of screening and early detection.

With an ability to develop systems and strong relationships, she has a track record of leading departmental cohesiveness, growth, and efficiency. Her strong interpersonal skill set aids in creating a safe therapeutic environment. She collaborates in diverse settings to accomplish individual as well as group goals.

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